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Truly an all-encompassing vision to blend thoughtful design with modern technology, the EEPass application solution was intended to take the user-interface to the next level in an effort to provide an exciting and engaging experience for all of NIET's clients. It's primary goal, to consolidate all of NIET's applications, tools, and content into a single platorm that will be used by both clients and the NIET team.

Of importance, the solution requirement was to provide a cohesive integration strategy and story with tools, exports and applications to support the needs of NIET's clients.

  • Design
  • User Experience
  • Telerik Reporting Controls, AngularJS, D3.js, GoogleCharts, High Charts
  • SQL Azure
  • Microsoft .NET Framework | (DNN) DotNetNuke

Built for any device

The single Mobile App known as "Companion Application" was developed with the following concepts:

  • "Freemium" Model: Provide a free application with a base set of features. Allow the users to purchase in application upgrades that open functionality not available in the free version (e.g. Video Observer or Scripting modules).
  • Cross Platform Development: to include iOS Development, Android, and MSFT.
  • Dynamic Branding: that makes available, unique branding configurations based on organization.

Freindly User Login Screen

An opportunity to introduce branding components and UI patterns for continuity

Real data. Real Fast.

  • A dashboard page is available upon login. Users will see role-based data based on their permissions.
  • Visualized data was built to be presented with varying levels of detail. Users can interact with the charts to reveal more detailed information about the data.
  • Traditional reports were clunky and completely disparate to one-another. With this redesign, the team was able to consolidate meaningful data-points to present in an organized, methodical presentation of information.

The reporting medium utilizes the Telerik Reporting Framework. This framework enabled our development team with the ability to create custom reports via a reporting tool, providing data exports and statistical reports for users over the web, in Excel, PDF and other formats.

Connecting from the cloud

  • iOS, Android and MSFT Mobile Stores: Provide hosting and payment process for mobile applications on the mentioned platforms.
  • Azure SQL Server: Database storage for the NIET 3.0 Database.
  • NIET 3.0 Application Portal: Azure Application providing a scalable infrastructure for increasing performance when necessary and decreasing cost when required.
  • NIET 3.0 Integration Application: Azure Application providing API’s and data exports.
  • NIET 1.0 Legacy Portals: Azure Virtual Server running legacy NIET 1.0 Portals (CODE).
  • Azure Media Services: Storage, streaming and encoding of videos.

Blah, blah, blah... what does
that have to with design?

Well, it provides end-users with a seamless flow of information and data that lends itself to the User Experience. With these infrastructural requirements defined, designers are able to support the business goals with a seamless interaction, bridging the gap between quantitative data, and visualization.

Put a bow on it!

The final delivery of this application provided the NIET team and user base with an all encompassing application that blends valuable business processes, services, and ROI with intellient Information Architecture & User Interface thoughtfulness.

Adding a touch of brand polish in design and experience, this pre-loader
was built to animate the EE-PASS logo graphic while views are loading...