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The T-System

SharePoint Online: Company & Client Portal

Fully responsive, customized navigation, immersive design with reimagined information architecture for SharePoint users across the organization.

  • Design
  • User Experience
  • .NET + SP
  • SharePoint Online | O365

Design-led, fully enveloped creative experience.

So where'd we start?

Focus Groups

We kicked things off by leveraging Focus Groups to gain valuable insights as to how their current system was being used, as well as understanding new goals.

Road trip for focus groups

By organizing types of users into intentional, collaborative groups, we were able to yeild the power of iterative creative development - drawing & dreaming up solutions on the whiteboard through discussion.

These users enabled us to discover and uncover many aspects of their existing SharePoint processes, workflows, and day to day tasks. We also learned a lot about their pain-points, which really helped us carve out realistic solutions and goals to alleviate all of the suffering.

  • 1 Met with key stakeholders in Dallas to engage the Corporate Division of TSystem
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology
    • Legal
    • Compliance
  • 2 Met with key stakeholders in Kansas City to engage the supporting divisions of TSystem
    • Client Support
    • Engineering
    • Facilities
    • Implementation Services
    • Global Partners
    • Sales/Marketing
    • Technical Documentation
    • Client Management
    • Quality Management

Our next step... design something.

It's to the drawing board, quite literally. After layout out a logical information architecture, we can then begin designing varying components for an assortment of views. This is actual whiteboard taken from our sessions.

And now... a finished creative product, that gets our
client excited for development and delivery!